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Britain's Smallest House, Conwy

Situated on the quayside in Conwy, you will be amazed at how small this house is - and how tall the last occupant was!

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The house was lived in until 1900, when the owner was a 6ft 3 inch (1.9 meters) fisherman named Robert Jones. The rooms were too small for him to stand up in fully and he was eventually forced to move out when the council declared the house unfit for human habitation. The house is still owned by his descendants.

This house is currently red. It stands nearby the Conwy Castle walls and people can enter for £1.00 (or 50p for children). There is information about the house inside. A Welsh lady stands outside most days. The upstairs is so minute that there is room only for one bed and a bedside cabinet. Visitors can't walk about on the 2nd floor, but can view it from the step ladder.

There's just about enough room for one stove, a water tap, a bedside cabinet and a bed.





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Britain's Smallest House


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